Distributed Systems Engineer


Design stuff with a team of creative people.
Build prototypes of what you design on a whiteboard.
Help to turn some of what you prototype into mature software solutions by working to transitioning ownership to product and ops teams.
Create something that performs a major social good, helping those who may currently lack identify, be unbanked, or have limited access to the internet 
Collaborate with open source communities and standards bodies.


For this position, we are looking for a coder with at least 8 years of experience that writes excellent software for devices that live at “the edge” — partly or fully disconnected from the Internet. This could include mobile and NFC/BlueTooth/UltraWideBand, but might also involve smartcards, point-of-sale terminals, and so forth. We’re imagining someone who is comfortable in Rust, Go, Java, and/or C/C++, and who has some experience at the level of hardware.You have experience with elastic systems, and deep understanding of network and gossip protocols, consensus algorithms, high resilience, data consistency and availability at scale.
Also, you have experience in the domains of identity and/or currency and/or payments or banking, working closely with cryptographers and backend engineers, both at company and global community levels.
Blockchain experience is quite relevant, but plays a supporting role rather than being the focus.

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